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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Making Money With EBay While on Vacation

Making Money While You Sleep?

I have always dreamed of making money while I sleep. Being an entrepreneur at heart I thought it sounded like a great way to earn money. I wanted to set up a business and figure out how I can have that business make money for me while I am sleeping. Not only did I find that with eBay, but I also found out how to make money while on vacation! If you are an eBay seller, or you would like to be, pay attention here because eBay can make you money while you are on vacation!

Making Money With eBay in Vacation

Recently my husband and I went on a two-week vacation. Normally when we go away, I put my eBay store on vacation, and make sure that none of my items are visible to customers while we are away. I also make sure all of my auction items have ended. My feedback score is at 100% with a score of almost 600 and I didn’t want to mess that up by having people buy things while I am away and my not being able to send their purchases out if we were away from my eBay items. But I recently found a way to circumvent that problem.

If you have an eBay store, and you are going to put your eBay store on vacation, you can bulk edit all of your listings to lengthen your shipping time. This means if you have something sell while you are away, and you set the time to allow you to have time to ship it when you return from vacation, you are covered by eBay and people can’t give you negative feedback scores because you shipped late. In fact, under your listing, it even says how much time it will take for the item to ship. And did you know that the shipping time counts business days only? That’s right, Sundays and holidays aren’t included in eBay shipping time. So here is what I did: I set my shipping time to 15 days on all my items. Because we were gone 2 weeks, which is 14 days, and there were two Sundays included in that time period, that allowed me 3 days to pack any items that sold and get them to the post office and shipped out after we got back.

The First Week of Vacation

The first week we were at a hotel where we had internet access. I was thrilled to sell three items that week and after each sale. I sent the buyer a message thanking them for their purchase and telling them I was away and would ship the item when we returned and gave them a shipping date.

The Second Week of Vacation

On the second week we were on a cruise and due to the high expense of purchasing internet minutes on a cruise, I decided not to check my eBay store while we were away!This also gave me a much-needed break from selling on eBay. If you are like me, sometimes eBay can seem to take over your life! You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I checked my eBay store when we hit dry land…

Total eBay Sales While on Vacation

With 425 items listed, I sold 8 items with a total purchase price of $198.96!

And I didn't do anything to earn it except sleep and enjoy my vacation! I did have to take shipping and eBay costs out of that total, but I still cleared approximately $125.00 while I was on vacation. And part of that money was earned while I slept. So not only did I learn to make money while I sleep but also I earned money while on vacation!

If you don’t have an eBay store, and you are taking a short vacation, you can still set the shipping times on your items to the longest amount eBay will allow that will cover your time away. Otherwise, you will have to make sure all of your listings have ended before you leave in order to keep happy customers and a good feedback score!

Do you make money while you sleep or when you are on vacation with eBay?


  1. Thanks for this! I was wondering how to keep my store open and keep my rating high. I travel for work about 7 days a month and hated hiding my items.

  2. Just make sure to change the shipping time and put it out far enough to be able to have time to ship them once you return. It was much easier than I thought, and I am getting ready to do it again. I hope I have another positive experience!