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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Anxiously Waiting for the Auctions to End on eBay

Tonight I am waiting for 2 auctions to end on eBay. Well, I am actually waiting for 45 auctions to end, but 2 in particular. I wrote a few posts ago about a pair of Allen Edmonds men's shoes that went at auction for $113.50. I have two more pair that have active auctions going on right now.It is so exciting to watch the auctions as the bids come in.

The first pair I have for auction are black Allen Edmonds tie oxford shoes that I started at $34.95. With three minutes left to go on the auction, the highest bid is $46.00. Not as good as $113.50, but I am very happy with that.

The second pair is in excellent condition, except for one deep scratch that will be covered by pants and can probably be filled in with shoe polish. The auction on that one will end in 57 minutes. I started these shoes at $39.95 with the buyer paying shipping. Right now, the highest bid is at $82.00. I can't wait to see if that is the final bid of if they will go even higher. These shoes are in even better condition than the ones that went for $113.50.

I really enjoy selling on eBay, as you may have figured out by now! But I especially enjoy the thrill of an auction and how much more money it is possible to make at an eBay auction as opposed to a "buy it now" listing on eBay. It truly is best to have a combination of items listed some as "buy it now" and some as "auction." The auctions bring potential buyers to also look at your "buy it now" items as well. And that can earn you more money on eBay through more eBay sales.

I will update you soon on how much each pair of shoes sold for. Stay tuned...

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