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Thursday, June 4, 2015

List Every Day for More eBay Sales

These bike bib shorts did the best of all my items in May. They were new with tags, and the price tag was $100. I sold them for $52.

I had heard that listing every day increases sales ever since I started on eBay. Even if it's only one or two items, that action gets picked up by Google and eBay and generates a higher viewing slot when people are searching for items.

Auction Listings

But originally when I first started selling on eBay, I only sold items by auction only. And I was told that items sold the most if they ended on a Sunday night auction. So I listed items each Sunday for a seven day listing, to end the following Sunday night. That worked fine for me. And for any of you who are doing that, I have also found that ending an auction on a Friday night works well too. People that get paid on Fridays are shopping on eBay Friday nights and I have had a lot of success with listings ending on Fridays as well as Sundays. The trouble with having your auctions ending on only certain days means you can't list every day. You can only list items 10 or 7 days, etc. before you want your auction to end. But that was when I was only dabbling on eBay to make some extra money.

Show Me the Money

But now that I have decided to branch out and start an eBay store to earn more money as part of my regular income, I have learned it is true that listing items every day really works to have consistent sales. During the month of May, I had an opportunity to list up to 2,000 items as a "Buy It Now" listing. I had been trying out the "listing every day" method, and found it to work well. Then when I got the 2,000 listings offer, I went to town and just kept listing items. I had to go out thrift store shopping twice to add to my inventory, but it has truly worked. I am selling and average of 1 to 2 items each day of the week now and it is very exciting. I have heard that as long as you go in and revise a few items on a day when you can't list , that works well also to keep the eBay activity going on your account.

Comparison Chart

To show you the financial difference, here's a chart to show you how much better I have done since I started listing every day:

March Sales: $247 with 16 items sold

April Sales: $262 with 23 items sold

May Sales: $433 with 35 items sold

What a difference listing every day has made. It is clear to me that keeping my eBay account active makes a huge difference in my sales. Are you listing every day on eBay? What technique has worked best for you to improve your eBay sales?

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