Thrift Shopping For eBay

Monday, April 27, 2015

What's in Your Closet That Could be Earning You Money on eBay?

Ralph Lauren Wool Vest

About three months ago I bought this wool Ralph Lauren vest at a thrift store for $2.00. For some reason I hesitated to list it on eBay and it just got hung up in my spare closet with all the other items. Last week I was going through the closet and found the vest again. I looked it up on eBay and saw that the same vest had sold for $34.95 in January! Wow, and it had been sitting in my closet. I could have had some money in my pocket instead of a vest hanging in my closet!

Ralph Lauren Men's Shirt

Next to that vest in my closet was a Ralph Lauren button down men's shirt. I really liked this shirt and hung it in the closet, figuring I would list it someday soon. I forgot about it and also last week saw it hanging in my closet. So I pulled it out of the closet too, and listed it on eBay.

Items Can't Sell if They Aren't Listed

Both of these items sold within one week of my listing them. I started the vest as an auction and a bit low because I felt like since it is not the time of year to wear a wool vest, I would start it at $19.95 and maybe a few bids would come in. Only one came in halfway through the week, but I sold the vest for $19.95. That money is better in my pocket than hanging on a hanger, don't you agree?

The Ralph Lauren Shirt sold for $13.50, and the starting bid of $12.95 came in for it within two days after I listed it. All told, that is $33.45 that I made in one week, on items that had been hanging in my closet.

What items do you have in your closet that you could be earning money on right now?


  1. We've had that on our mind lately too, as we're moving out in about 10 days! We have SO MUCH STUFF. Fortunately, the house is mostly clear already and most of our things are packed up in boxes at the storage unit. But still...there is so much to do, so much stuff to go through, and we really can't take it all with us to the Mainland. So we have to downsize, and we keep thinking of selling it. But honestly, I just want to donate it all one time and be done with it, because we are already so stressed out and have so many other things to get done right now. But if we weren't moving, then DEFINITELY...I could open an eBay mall with all the clothes we have!

    1. I hope when things settle on for you, you will consider selling on eBay. It;s fun and can seriously help pay the bills.

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    1. You arr welcome. I love sharing what I have bought and sold to encourage others to take the leap and start selling on eBay also.

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