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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pendleton Is A Good Brand Name to Sell on eBay

I know someone who lives in Washington state and sells on eBay full time. In fact, I owe him my start on eBay because he encouraged me continually until I followed my eBay dream! He has mentioned to me that the brand Pendelton sells well on eBay. During my treasure hunting days at thrift stores and Goodwill, I always keep my eye out for this brand. It's good quality, the name has been around a long time, they are durable and often used for hunters and fishers, and in cold climates.

One day while shopping at a Goodwill I came across not one, but two Pendelton men's shirts. Both were 100% wool, and looked to be in very good shape. I bought them for the seemingly high price of $5.75 each. That may not seem "seemingly high" if one were to buy this short for a husband, father, brother or son, or any other male in your life. But by thrift shopping standards, for people who are reselling on eBay, that is high. But I wanted to make money and I knew this was a good brand so I decided to chance it. I brought them home and listed them.

Here are the shirts that I bought that day:

I like to do auction style listings that end on Sunday nights. I listed them both separately as auctions with a starting bid of $14.95 each. They didn't sell right away, but the second week, I was excited and surprised to see a bidding war going on for both of them, with separate buyers. And to my surprise, at the end of a Sunday night in January, the cranberry one sold for $24.50 and the red one for $21.50! When I subtracted the expenses of buying them, here's what I came out with:

Cranberry shirt: $24.50 minus the $6.00 purchasing price including tax, and the 15% eBay and Paypal fees = a profit of $14.82

Red plaid shirt: $21.50 minus the $6.00 purchasing price including tax, plus the 15% eBay and Paypal fees = a profit of $11.82

For some people, that is not enough of a profit to make it worthwhile, but for me, I am having a ball uncovering these treasures and passing them on to other people at a reasonable price. Those process that they paid were much more reasonable than if they were to buy those Pendleton shirts brand new. To me it is definitely worth it. Would that profit be worth it to you?


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  2. What great finds! I'm glad that you created this.....I have never sold anything on Ebay. I have done so much online but never E-bay so I'm looking forward to learning from you. (Beaufly)

  3. Guess who's going to start selling on eBay...


    I don't know anything about clothes or thrift store shopping, but my wife is a pro haha. We just went to a little thrift store today up on the North Shore, and she got a cute little Victoria's Secret camouflage skirt for $3.50. She tried it on at home but wasn't happy with the fit, so we decided that we'll try to sell it on eBay.

    She used to sell a little, maybe a couple years ago, but then she stopped. She's not excited about selling again, so I'll handle that part. She'll do the shopping, and I'll list them and ship them out.

    So who knows, maybe before too long I'll be opening up an eBay store too.

  4. Chris,

    Good for you. If you need any tips, you know who to ask ( our buddy from HubPages and I would be happy to help you!) Good luck!

  5. thinkfirst,

    Well, feel free to follow along. It's so much fun to make a profit on treasures we find at thrift stores and yard sales.