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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Here's An Example of Why You Should Always Research Before Listing on eBay

The other day I listed an Orvis shirt on eBay for $26.95 or best offer. My best offer was anywhere from $19.95 and up. It sold in approximately two days...oops, I immediately knew that was a mistake. And it was a mistake on my part.

Here's what happened: I buy a lot of Orvis men's shirts at thrift stores to re-sell on eBay. This one I found was $4.99 and it was a nice heavy Orvis shirt. I thought because it was heavy and in very good condition, that I should list it higher than I sell most of my Orvis shirts for, which is usually about $18.95. It was also a bit unusual looking because it was a pullover with snaps at the neck and sleeves. Most of the Orvis shirts I sell button up the front. But I was in a hurry and so listed it for $27.95 with the best offer. The thing that I missed was that on the label it had the word "Malpai." I used it on the description of the shirt, but that should have alerted me to the fact that it was a bit unique and therefore may be worth more money. You can see the word Malpai on the label below.

After it sold, I checked comparative listings on eBay. They had the same types of shirts in different colors for between $31.49 and $49.99. Then I checked the "solds" category and that showed me that the Malpai shirts had sold for between $18 and $59.99, with most of them selling for the $30 and higher range. Ugh, I could have kicked myself.

But it's just a reminder that if you find something a bit unusual to sell on eBay that is unlike items you usually sell, always do your research and check what similar items have sold for before you list it or you could lose money.

I am sure I could have gotten at least $10.00 to $15.00 more for that shirt. "Live and Learn" as they say. Have you ever sold something on eBay and then realized after the sale that you sold it too low?

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