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Sunday, April 2, 2017

How Much Would You Pay For a Grandpa Sweater on eBay?

Finding a Grandpa Sweater

I was at a Goodwill store, my favorite place to shop for items to sell on eBay, and came across a rather ugly looking sweater. You can see it above. It's the kind of sweater that your grandfather might wear around his house, especially if he lives in an old farmhouse that is drafty.

The brand name was Willis and Geiger Outfitters, and I had never heard of that name before. But the sweater was in great condition, and it was heavy so that meant warm. It was also fully lined. Something about it spoke to me and just made me want to check it out to possibly resell it on eBay

Researching on eBay

I pulled out my trusty cell phone and looked up similar sweaters to see what they had sold for on eBay. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that some that were similar were listed for between $40.00 and $195.00. But the key is always to also check out what items have sold for. The "sold" listings of similar sweaters were between best offers of below $39.95 and up to $139.95. Now we are talking!

I was quite excited and bought the sweater, at a 25% discount because of course, I shopped at Goodwill on Sr. discount day! Normally $6.75, I purchased the sweater for $5.07 after the discount.

Pricing Dilemna

Next, I had a much should I list this sweater for? If I listed it high, and it took a long time to sell, I could be sitting on it for a very long time. Plus it was February and people would be more likely to buy a heavy sweater when it was still cold outside. That gave me a short window before spring came if I wanted to sell it quickly.

I Don't Run a Storage Facility

I had recently watched a video by Nicole States on Youtube. She has a lot of Youtube videos about how much she sells on eBay, brand names she likes to sell, hauls she gets from Goodwill to resell on eBay, etc. If you haven't watched her videos, and you want to learn how to sell things on eBay quickly, I highly recommend her. But getting back to the reason I brought her up, she clearly stated in one of her videos she does not run a storage facility. She meant that she doesn't like to list things super high and then have to store them for long periods of time until they sell. I don't have a lot of storage room in my home so in some ways, I feel the same. BUT I am also not in the habit of giving things away in my eBay store, so needed to find a price I would be happy with that wouldn't take too long to sell the sweater.

Listng Price

I decided to list the sweater for 30 days at a price I would be happy to get. I listed this "Grandpa Sweater" as I like to call it, for $59.95 plus the buyer paid shipping. It took about three weeks, but it did sell. I got the price I wanted and the buyer gave positive feedback and seemed quite happy with his new sweater.

Ahhh, I just love selling on eBay!

If you would like to find a Willis and Geiger Sweater of your own to sell on eBay, here's a picture of the label below.

Have you ever seen this brand or do you sell it on eBay? Would you have paid that much for this sweater on eBay?

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