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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Returns Are Just Part of the Game With eBay

I had a return yesterday. I find returns SO annoying, and especially when a buyer is returning an article of clothing. In all of they years I have been selling on eBay (since 2010) I have had only six returns, and five of them were on clothing. Now I would be a bit more understanding if the size and the measurements were not listed in the description. But I am very careful to always include the size in the title AND also in the description, but also I give specific measurements which include at least the armpit to armpit, shoulder to shoulder, and length of each article I list. I usually sell shirts, sweaters, vests and jackets so I don't need to include inseam measurements such as on pants. That's one of the most challenging parts of selling clothing on eBay is all the measurements that need to be included to help an item sell more quickly, but I do well selling clothes so I just deal with those pesky measurements.

I Started Off NOT Taking Returns

When I first started selling on eBay I didn't even take returns. They seemed to be too much trouble. After doing some research and reading about the value of offering returns on an eBay Facebook page, I decided to offer returns. It seems many people are reluctant to purchase an item if they know they can't return it. After all of this time though, and the fact that I don't get many returns, I have come to just accept the return, refund the buyer only after I have received the item back, relist it and move on. I know if the buyer gives a reasonable explanation for the return, the best thing to do is just roll with it and move on. The funny thing is, I almost always resell the item within 30 days of relisting it. So that's good news.

Yesterday's Return

My most recent return was on a Levi Strauss denim jean jacket. These are highly sought after and so I didn't think I would have any trouble selling it when I picked it up at Goodwill. It sold at auction the second week it was listed. But the buyer never paid. I relisted it, and it sold again fairly quickly. This time within a few days of my shipping it, I had a return request. The buyer said it didn't fit was too big? Apparently she hadn't paid any attention to the measurements I had listed. Those are important.

This is a really nice jean jacket so I am hoping that the third time is the charm. I will relist it again as soon as I get it back and hope that this next time it sells it sticks for good.

How about you? Do you get annoyed with returns on eBay? Do you even take returns?


  1. Since I like my TRS status, I do offer returns. They seem to come in spurts for me - several in a month, and then nothing for a long while. Like you, I re-list and they usually sell shortly thereafter. I tend to bump up the price a little bit when relisting. Ha! I think it's just part of doing business, and we shouldn't let it get to us - although it does bug me when I get a return notice in my email. :)

    1. Joannah,

      I also have TRS and was offering 14 day returns and then switched to 30 day returns so I could keep it, and haven't seen any difference in the number of returns so I guess it's best to keep them. I feel bugged as well when I see that return notice in my mail. And I also need to make sure I keep enough money in my Paypal acct. so I can refund someone if I do get a return.

  2. Seems contagious. I go 6 months to a year without a return but had 3 last week. Like you I listed all the measurements. Just figure it comes with the territory. It's always odd how they come in spurts.